Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A trip to Oiwake's!!!


The all you can eat Japanese Lunch & Dinner Buffet!

Oiwake is a very well-known restaurant, similar to the Chop Suey House that was mentioned in my earlier blog. Oiwake's is a nice restaurant for eating good Japanese food, while being on a budget. Even though I am Tofujii, a Tofu, I know good Japanese food when I taste it and I definitely like Oiwake's food, because it tastes good and it good for me too! hehe.

Oiwake's is known for their lunch special, featured during the lunch hours of 11:00AM - 3:00PM everyday. The service is great and I love that I can eat all the rice (both fried and white), Tofu salad, desserts, miso soup (with Tofu), sushi, and of course, their chief's special, which changes daily, as much and as often as I'd like! Sometimes, Oiwake's chief special includes "Specials with Tofu!!!" Yum Yum Yum!!!

The dishes that I tried (please see above) were the Tofu Salad and the Tofu Dish with Beef and Vegetables.The Tofu Salad (pictured with thirst-quenching Iced Green Tea) was a real treat, because the lettuce in the green Tofu Salad tasted really crisp, the tomato was sweet and soft, melting in my mouth, and the cucumbers just as delcious and crispy as the lettuce was!

The other "Chief's Special" that I enjoyed eating was the Tofu Dish with Beef and Vegetables. The beef in the dish added much flavor to the overall taste of the dish. The beef (please see above) we're not those types of meat that hurt your mouth or teeth, but rather, the meat was soft and flavorful. Also, the Vegetables just added a "great compliment" to the square-shaped Tofu. There we're onions in this dish, but they weren't strong tasting at all, they acutally just sensuated the flavor in to the Tofu. That's the joy of Tofu! Tofu may be plain at first sight, but think of Tofu as "one big sponge.....a sponge that absorbs the flavor in to the Tofu!!!" No matter what compliment, Tofu can absorb the flavor!

I also ate their delicious desserts while at the lunch buffet. They offer an array of desserts like cake, soft serve ice cream, really good custard desserts, and others.....the list goes on.

Oiwake's website is: I encourage you to visit their restaurant when you come to Little Tokyo. Oiwake's is not just a place to eat Tofu and other healthy foods, but a place that sits in the middle of the Japanese Village Plaza (JVP), where their location is a prime spot to hang out with friends, especially for their delicious food, private rooms (you can reserve) and Karaoke that you also can enjoy!!!

I enjoy eating cold tofu, drinking flavored tea drinks, as part of my summer culture and tradition....whatever your "summer plans" are, (yes, there's still a little bit of summer left), don't forget to eat Tofu, come to Little Tokyo, and have fun! =p


Tofujii Tofujii


The cute pictures of Oiwake resturant and the pint-sized fish were taken online from Oiwake's website (All Right's Reserved)

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