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Tofu Festival: More Memorable Experiences

2007 Tofu Festival
Delicious Food Booths
On the day of Saturday, August 18, 2007 and Sunday, August 19, 2007, there were so many delicous food booths at the festival! I was so anxious to go out and taste all the delicous foods that the festival had to offer!
I love Tofu for many reasons, some being health reasons, but others being community reasons, because many people come together when they share something in common, such as Tofu.
I never dreamed that so many people loved eating Tofu, and would actually travel thousands of miles just to taste or eat Tofu. This is really impressive for those people one a tight budget! I really was so appreciative that everyone from the community came out to support the Tofu Festival! It just shows how much people can love a certain food and acutally try to encorporate it in to their busy lives. This is really hard when you think about it, because good health is so hard to maintain in the hustle and bustle of city life.
The Tofu booth that I really enjoyed eating was the delicious Korean food, Sundubu, that was at the festival, at booth #7, called BCD Tofu House. I mentioned this booth in an earlier blog, but I am revisiting it once more. You remember things later, even after the event has already passed. The Sundubu wasn't too spicy, nor too mild, but it was just right. I really enjoyed eating it so I went back for a second helping. It was only two script tickets and I really liked that there was a man yelling "come get your hot sundubu!" The man's enthuaism really made a difference on the overall experience at the Tofu Festival, both for me as Tofujii, and for the visitors of the Tofu Festival!
I also enjoyed booth #3, named Berth 55 Seafood. I really liked that this food had really good seafood and the owner of the booth is really nice, a regular patron, who comes every year to the Tofu Festival! Berth 55 Seafood hosted their original and world famous "Tuna Poke Salad," which tasted really fresh and delicious. I usually like sashimi, or Japanese raw fish, and their Poke salad, is basically raw fish on a bed of salad, with a layer of tofu on the bottom, which was really good to eat. As my tongue dipped in to the salad, the lettuce absorbed the hot temperature inside my mouth and all around me. The Tofu had a really nice taste, and the Poke seafood was really soft and yummy!
Booth #70, Starbucks, had a really tasty drink, called "Summer Frappaccinos" which came in many colorful colors, such as green and purple colors, hence the name of summer, such as semi-purple summer skies and green grass, green trees, and ice cold green tea. I tasted their purple drink, and me and my friend thought it was cold and refereshing. Starbucks gave these colorful drinks away, as part of their free samples! I remember the line being very long and people walked away with a smile on their face and a Frappaccino in their hands! What a great way to escape from the heat and the August sun rays.
Some of my other favorite food booths, which were completely sold out mind you, included booth #8, by Church of Perfect Liberty, hosting their cruchy, tasty, and oh so good, Tofu Tostadas! The Tofu Tostadas were guzzled down both Saturday and Sunday! I managed to get to eat one Tofu Tostada at the Tofu Festival and it was so good! I remember wanting to eat just one more, but it all gone. :( It was only 2 script tickets, just like the Sundubu was! I also rushed my little tofu body over to the Otafuku Foods, Inc., or booth #9, which were selling the Tofu Okonomiyaki, or Japanese Pancake w/Veggies. I can still smell the warm Oknonomiyaki bread and taste the sweet Okonomiyaki sauce that stuck on to my tongue, leaving a longlasting experience.The vegetable shavings added a flavorable taste to the Okonomiyaki. I even had the nice volunteers at the food booth put on some sweet Japanese mayonnaise (slightly sweeter then American mayonnaise), on top of the Okonomiyaki, to add even more flavor to the already delicious, Japanese pancake.
That's all for now.....I'll write one more blog about the other interesting observations that I experienced at the Tofu Festival, such as the "non-food booths," before I close-out for an extended rest, or yasumu, in Japanese.
Until next time! See you, bye bye!
Tofujii Tofu

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