Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Last Blog: Sayoonara!!! :(

Bringing some closure to all things Tofu
This will be my very last blog to say "good-bye" and close my blog! I just wanted to say "Thank you" to all the those people who visited my blog both before and after the 2007 Tofu Festival! Thank you to all those people who read both my blogs entitled "2007 Tofu Festival," and later, "Post-Tofu Festival." It was a really fun, exciting, interesting,and rewarding experience all at the same time, to have a personal blog, because I am a Tofu, and I never thought that I could be so "tech savy." hehe.Who would have thought?
Through this blog I learned a lot about the capablitlies of wi-fi tecnology in the Little Tokyo community and its much needed importance to not only bring technology, communication, and the world wide web to the community, but to also help "bridge the gap" between the older generations and the younger generations, and having that "one interpersonal connection" be a wi-fi internet connection or a "technological connection" of any kind. I really see the future of community and technology tied together as one! This union is embodied in the heart, mind, and spirit of the Little Tokyo community! =p I also strongly believe that Little Tokyo community will taken this difficult, but exciting and rewarding "technological role," with both arms held wide open. Our community will try, with whatever means necessary, to meet the techological needs of members within the community, and those outside the community, as best we can. Hopefully, new technology such as the Little Tokyo Unplugged, a community wi-fi network, will one day at a time, bridge members of the Little Tokyo Community, with members from the greater Los Angeles and outlying areas. Gambarimashoo! (Let's all work our hardest!)
I also learned a great detail about the Little Tokyo Service Center (LTSC), where I work at as their "one and only" Tofu mascot!!! I have to work hard because I am a Tofu, but the staff at LTSC are super nice and super kind. I really loving working with such nice and caring people! I hope that I can come back to LTSC for another Tofu Festival and work again with such great people and such a great community-based organization!
Now that my job is temporarily over, I may come back, you never know, but for now, this is my last good-bye as LTSC's and the 2007 Tofu Festival's mascot!!!
I will miss you all! I had a great time writing this blog, so I hope you guys will revisit my blog once more, even though the Tofu Festival is long over, and a take a stop in your busy lives to reflect on anything on my blog and leave learning something new, about Japanese and Japanese culture, about the Little Tokyo Service Center (LTSC) and the Little Tokyo Unplugged Network, about the 2007 Tofu Festival, or about the Little Tokyo community and what community means to you! Whatever you walk away with learning from my personal Tofu Festival blog, I "thank you" for reading and supporting my cause, and more importantly, the cause of the Little Tokyo Service Center.
Minnasan, sayoonara! (Good-bye everyone!)
Arigatou Gozaimashita! (Thank you very much!)
Tofujii Tofu

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Thank you for your writings, Tofuji!