Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tofu:Multi-cultural and Multi-ethnic

Tofu: Multi-cultural and Multi-ethnic

  • The Multi-cultural and Mult-ethnic uses for "Tofu" is seen in many ethnic and cultural dishes. These dishes range from Japanese to Korean, to Vietnamese and Thai dishes within the Asian region.

  • From my perspective, I wonder what types of dishes would I "fit" best with, being Tofujii? Tofu is also enjoyed in many Western cuisines, so I am even found in American homes and in American cookbooks, if you can imagine.
  • Within American cooking, diet and cuisines, Tofu is gradually making its way into American homes!!! Just thinking from off the top of my head, during those long and hot summer months, I can even be used to accompany "easy-to-make" Tofu salads as a cute and cold topping (very good for your health and weight) or mixed in, to be used as a meat substitute, to make "mouth-watering" Tofu burgers for you vegatarians. If you can't live without meat, but still want to stay "semi-healthy" then you can always sprinkle me on top of your most favorite types of burgers and condiments. yum yum. =)

  • Tofu is no longer simply just an "Asian cuisine," it's a "worldwide phenomena" that is sweeping the country! Tofu is something that can be marketed to the entire country and around the world to all different kinds of people! Even cultures and peoples that never knew of Tofujii in their diets before, are now adapting and adopting it. I, as Tofujii, will never have to worry about having a home to stay at, when traveling abroad! This makes me very, very happy. =)
  • As the popularity of "Tofu" becomes larger and larger, so does the image of "Tofu" begin to grow even wider, to include a more vast and more encompassing perspective of Tofu as both a delicacy and also as a "light food phenomena."

Tofujii,representing!!! Until next time! Stay tuned for my future blogs, coming to a blog near you!

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