Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Korean Tofu: A unique cultural perspective

  • Last week on Thursday, July 12, 2007, I visited a Korean barbeque resturant named Korean Kitchen Hibachi B.B.Q. It is located at 135 Japanese Village Plaza Mall at the center of the Japanese Village Plaza located in Little Tokyo. I, Tofujii, decided to try out their delicious and tasty "Seasoned Tofu" to see just how tasty this Korean "Tofu" or "Dubu" (in Korean) really was.

  • After all, "Dubu" was my Korean cousin that I had always wanted to visit, but couldn't because of my location, but here was my chance to visit him in Little Tokyo!

  • This "Seasoned Tofu" is sprinkled with shavings of Kimchi (a Korean pickled cabbage) and has dried seaweed on top called "Gim". Since you can order the Tofu either "hot" or "cold,"as an appetizer, it is a great dish to try in order to quench your pallete, before moving on to the traditional Korean BBQ dishes. Even during my very spicy lunch, while eating the Korean BBQ chicken and bowl of white rice, I simultaneously ate some more cubes of this very mouth-watering, sensual, and spicy Tofu.

  • Lastly, I very much loved that my cousin, Dubu, was a great compliment to the Yamanasa Soy Sauce that was "paired" with him (please see picture above). Pairing "Tofu" a.k.a. me "Tofujii," with "Soy Sauce," is a great idea and one that, as my paletal experience suggests, goes great with any "Tofu" dishes.
  • I can't wait to write another blog about Tofu and it's many condiments that it can be paired with!!! =)