Thursday, July 12, 2007

My First Blog: The healthyness of Tofu =)

"The healthyness of Tofu"
Written by: Tofujii

I never really thought about the "healthyness" of Tofu. Since I started volunteering for the Tofu Festival since 1995, I always took forgranted that delicious "Tofu" was the theme of the food festival. I assumed that all Japanese and Asian people naturally ate Tofu as a part of our "cultural diet."

I then realized that Tofu is actually "very healthy" for you due to a variety of reasons. One reason is that Tofu is a soy-based product and soy is argueably healthier then milk and other dairy products. Soy has been known to help women especially, such as those of an older age from a variety of ailments. Myself being "lactose intolerant," I absolutely rely on "Tofu" as my source for a healthy diet and to maintain my overall health.=)

Finally, I think that Tofu has so many varieties within my "Tofu Family" that I need to explore. I look forward to blogging about my future adventures coming across several types of Tofu, and tasting them, to see if they are my "perfect match!" I know that there is a "perfect Tofu" out there for everyone! I just need to explore Little Tokyo, so come join me, Tofujii, as I go on my "Tofu Expedition" to find my "perfect condiment!"