Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A Visit to Curry House!

~Curry House~
Little Tokyo Style

Last friday, I was craving some delicious curry tofu to eat and I stopped by at the "Curry House" in Little Tokyo. I could not decide what types of Tofu to try so I tried an "old favorite" of mine....."Chicken Katsu" with pieces of Cold Tofu sprinkled on top. I also had plenty of "nice, complementary condiments" that included Spicy Tabasco Sauce and Japanese Red Tsukemono called "Fukujinzuke." Ummm......I love Curry House, especially the many, delicious Tofu dishes that they offer!
If you enjoy tofu salads, similar to other Japanese restaurants, Curry House offers a great tasting "Tofu Salad," that is really large and really great tasting. I didn't eat it during this visit, but I have tried it before. It is really healthy for you, because you're eating both salad and Tofu at the same time. haha. Tofu is really nutrious and good for your health, and it is also really delicious. Oishii ne! =)

I really enjoyed that Curry House also provided great-tasting vegetables, like tomato and green lettuce. The vegetables were a great complement to my "cold tofu" condiment and to spicy, "Chicken Katsu," because the vegetables helped to "tone down" the spicyness of the food. I, Tofujii, understand that people, especilly kids, dislike vegetables, but with Tofu as an added side, with a flavor of curry and white rice mixed in, I believe that it is just the right mix!

Finally, an "ice cold coke" (pictured above) can be a great condiment to Tofu dishes, because I like soft drinks, and especially during the summer, the weather is very hot and you just want to have something "refreshing," so coke is a great, refreshing choice! I also like that Curry House gives you free refills!

Curry House has great tasting curry, Tofu, and friendly service, so please stop by Weller Court, and try the Tofu at Curry House!

Hope to write again soon!

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